Concept Note

The Concept Note provides small and medium-sized organizations (SMOs) with the opportunity to briefly describe/pitch your innovative solution to advance gender equality and empower women and girls in the Global South. FIT will review Concept Notes and invite SMOs with the most promising innovative solutions to submit a Proposal for potential funding.

How to prepare your document


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  • Due date is posted on the Key Dates page of the FIT website.
  • Approximately 5 pages in length. Arial 11 Font. Single-spaced.
  • Online submission (emailed submissions are not accepted).
  • Include the 5 sections below (Background/Context, Idea to Test, People/Expertise, Financials, Other) in your PDF submission. Copy and paste each section of your Concept Note in the Concept Note Details tab of your online account (this information should correspond exactly to your PDF).
  • You will be required to provide your organization’s Articles of Incorporation and Financial Statement (of the most recent fiscal year).
  • Please note document saving standards provided in the online application system.
  • You have the flexibility to answer the questions that apply in each section. Feel free to include other relevant information in your submission. Be clear and succinct.
Concept Note Guidelines

Keep in Mind…


  • FIT is a competitive program.
  • FIT supports the testing of innovative ideas within a short time period. It does not provide new or ongoing program support for project implementation.
  • Review resources on FIT’s website: Whistler Principles to Accelerate Innovation for Development Impact, Feminist International Assistance Policy, Global Affairs Canada’s definition of innovation, examples of innovation testing, etc.