Sombrilla International Development Society

PROJECT: Equal Access to Justice for Women in Honduras

Impact Facts
Type of Innovative Solution
Gender Equality Marker (0-3)
  • Gender transformative (GE3)
Type of Innovative Solution
Sustainable Development Goals
  • 5 - Gender Equality
Type of Innovative Solution
Type of Innovative Solution
  • Product / Service Delivery

Project Details

Sombrilla International Development Society is testing the concept of a “mobile legal clinic” offering legal and support services to local women facing gender-based violence in Honduras. This innovation seeks to empower women and girls in their ability to protect their rights, in particular the right to a life free of violence. This will be accomplished by raising awareness and increasing knowledge with community members on gender-based violence and by offering women and girls improved opportunities to engage with the legal system. Through this innovation, women who are victims of gender violence will have effective mechanisms for access to legal and psychological assistance in order to guarantee their physical and emotional integrity, within a framework of justice and equity.