Lucky Iron Fish Enterprise

PROJECT: Improving resilience to increase nutritional outcomes for women and children in Benin

Impact Facts
Type of Innovative Solution
Gender Equality Marker (0-3)
  • Gender transformative (GE3)
Type of Innovative Solution
Sustainable Development Goals
  • 2 - Zero Hunger
Type of Innovative Solution
Type of Innovative Solution
  • Product / Service Delivery

Project Details

Lucky Iron Fish Enterprise will be testing new digital tools and other innovations like ‘talking books’ to provide information, and influence behavior and practices to reduce iron deficiency anemia prevalence through their Lucky Iron Fish product. Because of COVID-19, training can no longer be conducted in large group settings or by frontline workers at the household level. The project will promote women’s empowerment to reduce women’s vulnerabilities due to the pandemic and increase women’s decision-making roles in improving household nutrition.