Union for Progress Inc.

PROJECT: Women for Innovation and Transformation

Impact Facts
Type of Innovative Solution
Gender Equality Marker (0-3)
  • Gender transformative (GE3)
Type of Innovative Solution
Sustainable Development Goals
  • 8 - Decent Work and Economic Growth
Type of Innovative Solution
Type of Innovative Solution
  • Product / Service Delivery

Project Details

This innovation will test the integration of women in the traditionally male-dominated field of transport by introducing the E-tricycle as a means of transport. This product responds perfectly to the needs of local and vulnerable women and offers the possibility of financial autonomy to the women driver, while respecting environmental standards and reducing gender inequality. This solution aims to position women as integral players in the transport industry while offering them the skills to become mechanics of these machines following accelerated training. The innovation is expected to empower women socially and economically in Goma, DR Congo.